my, my I love pi

14 March 2014

1280px-Blackberry_pie_and_ice_cream,_2006For those of you who are aware of the calendar’s date today know that mathematicians around the world are celebrating a yearly event held every 14th of March. keep reading…

take my ball and go home

11 November 2013

basketball court rainy

I was reminded last week through a local newspaper article about a sense of absolutes (i.e. my way or the highway) when it comes to new development projects in architecture. For someone who believes in absolutes, I try to find balance when it comes to my position on most issues.

…keep reading

like they used to

31 July 2013

2013-07-31 10.26.52

(unsympathetic latter addition to original stone farmhouse)

Most times in my work, I get involved with projects with fascinating aspects to them. …keep reading

2013-06-19 12.10.02

at times architects must visit existing buildings to investigate, measure, study and ponder before starting their work…. …keep reading


I’m back from a three-day jaunt to Chicago. …keep reading

to read a book is human

26 February 2012

I like books; perhaps in some cases I love them. …keep reading

great architecture

10 February 2012

What is great architecture? …keep reading


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