why does it take so long?

27 October 2014


If you are not an architect or involved in the design and construction industry in any way, you might be part of the population that often asks the question ‘why does it take so long’ for a building to appear in any given location.

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 combo lock

Design should be a mystery and it should not be a mystery. Can something be two competing and opposite ideas simultaneously? …keep reading

yes, we do that

12 March 2013

2013-03-12 19.15.34

I suppose I cannot speak for anyone other than myself on this issue, but I find it extremely relevant to our profession. …keep reading…

no design in a vacuum

6 February 2013


So you are unsure about my solution?

You don’t understand why I am doing this? Why don’t I try what?

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design process

31 January 2013

design process

This is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of being an architect. …keep reading…

renovation alchemy

10 October 2012

It seems nowadays my role as an architect is more of an alchemist. …keep reading

pit bulls and child birth

16 September 2012

So you read the title wondering about this one right? …keep reading…


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