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Today I spoke to my toughest crowd – a group of 7th graders during a career education class (and my son was in the crowd – yikes). They were the BEST audience e-v-e-r. I’m not kidding.

Consider it like a career fair, except it was just me in a classroom. Other professionals have spoken to this class over the past semester. I have spoken at our local high school (my Alma mater) yearly now for many years, but today the audience was younger. I posted about a similar experience back in 2011.

During my presentations to students, I speak passionately about the profession of architecture, showing flashy images and explaining how they could get there in years to come. I generally speak more about the profession than myself. It’s far more interesting if they can see possibilities and how architecture around the world is simply fascinating.

Over the past few years the outlook has improved and becoming an architect isn’t the worst thing one could choose (you could be a lumberjack). I still think it’s cool. I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do. To be honest, when I set out to do it, making a living or what my income would be was the last thing on my mind. Now that I’m a parent, I’m more concerned about those things, but my wife and I both have chosen professions that we love. Hopefully our son will come to appreciate that and our sacrifices. Look, there’s no greener grass, but work is much easier if it’s not work to do it. You know the cliche, I won’t even repeat it.

  • If you’re an architect, how would you present this profession? Would you tell about your day? Would you talk technical? What would be the tone in your voice – a kid in a candy store or that monotone teacher you disliked greatly in high school?
  • If you’re not an architect, what do you think about our profession? Have you ever wanted to be an architect? Do you know what we do?

Well, you won’t get my speech or hear the passion in my voice, but with a little help from my friends, I’ll include a video below of my PP slides.

(p.s. click on the Mr. Glasses picture and watch the video series – careful, several are NSFW)

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3 January 2014


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26 November 2013


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make a difference…to one

22 November 2013

Career Fair Letter Edit

I spoke at a career fair at my high school last week. They ask me to come back each year and I talk mostly about architecture and very little about me. The students sent me wonderful thank you letters. Surprise–this made me think.

I write and I rant, I comment and I complain.
I post and I preach, sometimes I talk and I teach.

I love this profession; I love architecture.

This event taught me; make a difference, to someone. It’s worth it.

take my ball and go home

11 November 2013

basketball court rainy

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