sweat the details…masonry

7 December 2011

Details details details. This is the mantra of the architect. This is the destiny of the architect. We sweat the details most other people never notice. …keep reading

In a recent post about building affordably, I mentioned that one could shop online (instead of going to expensive showrooms) for building products in an effort to save money while still getting good design. …keep reading

lost in a masquerade

23 March 2011

There are a few building materials that I just don’t like. It’s my blog, so let’s be frank, I can say I hate them. It is true; one can really hate a building material. You can’t wait to find out what they are right? Before I unveil my quirks about product likes and dislikes, let me explain my reasoning. Architects have opinions, strong opinions in my case, but we typically have well thought out reasoning for our opinions even if we are a minority with that opinion. …keep reading

isn’t that expensive?

25 January 2011

A common phrase that comes up frequently in my work is “isn’t that expensive?” In fact it comes up often in everyday life apart from architecture, so often that it has stuck in my head and now I find myself thinking about it every time the phrase is uttered. …keep reading


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