As usual I am writing as a reaction to the events that occur in my day-to-day life as an architect.

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Like most issues, why can’t we find balance? The reason for one side of an issue is often due to the excesses of the other. It’s cyclical, it’s annoying. Taking an extreme position is all too common and in most cases unnecessary.

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zoning code

Please pardon the break from my esoteric soap box to address something important that comes up often in my practice. I have slipped in a few sarcastic statements if you’d like to count them – consider it a game.

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is the code cold?

2 September 2013


I run up against building code interpretations quite often. I think our ancestors who figured out the Rosetta stone had it easier. …keep reading

you don’t need a drawing

21 January 2013

you need a drawing

This one is inspired by real life events. It is proof that all of us need to educate the public more and more. Dear AIA are you listening?

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ramp up your design

15 June 2012


If you’ve ever had to deal with small projects and handicap accessibility you know that there are several factors that can truly challenge the designer. …keep reading

Apart from discussing building codes as they relate to existing buildings, I’ve been silent about this issue up until now. …keep reading


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