what we don’t need

3 November 2014


we don’t need mediocrity; we need excellence

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I have always been fond of telling stories. In fact one of the best parts of having a conversation is listening to and telling stories. Storytelling makes conversations richer because of the emotion and anticipation involved. …keep reading

2014-07-12 2

My family and I just returned from a brief vacation. …keep reading


I am often refreshed to read articles in our favorite architectural journals when I DON’T recognize the names of the architects or architectural firms.

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Calvin Hobbes TF - Copy

I believe many things about architecture and I do believe in architecture. keep reading…

theory on theory

27 January 2014

0126141931a (1)

Do you have an opinion on architectural theory?

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21 December 2013


As we near the end of this year, I’ve been thinking about architects and possibilities. keep reading…


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