As part of a great group of architects and friends from social media, I was graciously invited to contribute my answers to a series of questions as an interview for architects.

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Yes, I’ve been reading again; quite a bit I might add.

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2013-11-06 10.15.34

In our last two posts we looked at drawings as a thinking device and that they tend to develop from very loose and abstract images to defined, scalar representations of the building or space. Today we will look at examples of what most people identify with, the definitive drawing. We will jump ahead in the design process to images that are more complete and beyond most of the conceptual or exploratory phase.

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IMG_20131009_103805Architects draw.

It is that simple and we enjoy it. However, what I want to make clear is the pleasure part of it isn’t what drives it. …keep reading

order off of the menu

18 October 2013

Are you willing to order off of your architect’s menu?


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