today…a bit of yesterday…hopefully a tomorrow

19 June 2013

2013-06-19 12.10.02

at times architects must visit existing buildings to investigate, measure, study and ponder before starting their work….

today a bit of history, a bit of wondering, a bit of yesterday as I visited a (pre-Civil War?) building that is slated for renovation.

2013-06-19 11.45.03

2013-06-19 11.45.23

2013-06-19 11.46

2013-06-19 12.00.34

2013-06-19 12.00.03

2013-06-19 12.02.46

it is important to remember that architecture was here before us, and I certainly hope we make architecture to be here when we’re gone. let’s make good decisions and not borrow against tomorrow.

2013-06-19 11.52.38

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4 Responses to “today…a bit of yesterday…hopefully a tomorrow”

  1. jane Says:

    Lee, where are they getting the date for that house? The windows, flooring, and siding are not pre-Civil War – the framing might be. Thanks for the pictures and thoughts -

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