can you get work done while music is playing?

9 July 2011


Other than talking on the telephone or to someone in person, yes. In fact, I don’t think I can work in silence. Design is inspired by music. Put on your favorite tunes, get out your bumwad and a fat marker (Sharpie, that is), and you are all set to design. No one else is in my office, so I can turn it up as loud as I like.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “can you get work done while music is playing?”

  1. Jeremiah Says:

    *currently listening to “funky town”*
    Music puts a little “pep in your step” and allows you to clear your head of the junk that gets in the way of genius – so, yes, I can work with music playing. Silence is not good while designing or even while cranking out condocs. Silence leads to solitude which leads to crazy thoughts which leads to depression which leads no where anyone wants to go. So blast that funky stuff and get your groove on, man! :P

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